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Lille Classic experiment begins tomorrow

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Anticipating the final demise of plastic-backed Tena Slips, my favourite daytime nappies, I'm going to try a week in Lille Classic Extras. I already wear these at night so they are not new to me as such, but their performance and more importantly discretion are unproven for high-pressure daytime activities. They are much larger than the Tenas so it will be interesting to see whether this causes concealment headaches. I'm now wearing Suprima 1218 plastic pants during the day, a little bulky but very good at what they do. The edges of the Lille threaten to poke out through the elastics, will have to get a routine organised for folding / tucking them.

I've had a few more funny moments changing in public facilities. One was where a family was waiting for a baby-change room while I changed, all packed into the lobby outside the door that was fitted with a vent grille that made every little noise audible in both directions. I heard their conversation with perfect clarity just as they heard me changing. The kids' remarks, on seeing it was just me, were quite amusing!

Other than that, no news is good news. A few times over recent weeks I've ended up having extra meals and overeating generally, on account of a disrupted schedule and lots of clients to entertain. The result was a couple of very messy BMs that I couldn't risk doing in my nappy when cleanup time was limited. So I sat on the baby potty for those, after which my bottom has settled down again and I'm back to my average of two dirty nappies a day.

I had no idea I'd last this long without something getting in the way of the 24/7. It's a few months now and still wonderful, long may it continue...

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