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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#75

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An aspect of being an Adult Baby for me is to be completely "non-sexual" while regressed. I see it as totally not "baby-like" to have any "adult" thoughts and feelings related to my body, which of course is affected by the lifelong physical disability of Cerebral Palsy caused by neonatal damage to the Pyramidal Tract in the core of my Brain. Being Autistic, cognitively, I can not deal with "adult" thoughts and feelings related to my body.

What is my idea of a "relationship" with another human being? For me, I would be "totally submissive", "regressed" and "in diapers" 24/7. Well, I am "in diapers" 24/7 anyway, being totally medically incontinent, both my Bladder and my Bowels.

An aspect of being an "Adult Baby", probably will be that I would have to "implicitly trust" an "eventual" Significant Other, to be "Honest", Kind", "Loving", and who would "care for me", as if I "were a baby".

An interesting problem to "solve", would for me to find another Gay man my own age (56), who would not mind being a "Daddy" to me, to keep me safe and loved.

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