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Health Care Act

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Well, I started the process of getting Obamacare. Got all the way to choosing a plan and then decided it makes more sense to just pay the fine!

We qualified for a $239 tax credit which brings the cheapest one in our state to $155 per month, which is not bad, but with a group deductible of $12,700 ($6000 per person max) per year! No copay until the deductible is met! So that means, if we need to go to the dr for a broke finger, the flu, chicken pocks, strep throat, etc we would be out of pocket for the visit and paying the total bill. And, no prescriptions covered until meeting the deductible!

$12,700 deductable?!?

So that $155 only keeps us from getting fined pretty much, unless something really serious happens like a broke arm, leg, or something like that, but still nothing paid before that!

I really don't like paying for something I can't use. I know car insurance is sort of like that but not with such an unbelievably high deductible before they cut me check!

To actually make a dent in anything, I would have to go up to the silver package of $339 per month! Can't afford that! Can barely afford that cheaper one!

We live paycheck to paycheck! Have no savings and they don't take into account that we also pay a mortgage on a single-wide trailer house, a car payment, electricity, water, gas, car insurance and groceries! Guess we don't really need to buy any of that stuff! Sure we also have a couple of other luxuries, a couple of cell phones with just the basic stuff, and yeah we have satellite on our 32" TV on the lower end of the packages, and wireless broadband but it ain't the fastest! But no problem cutting those off, nothing on TV anyway! And I hate talking on the phone, so no need for that really!

The rest of our money goes to the kids sports. Both my girls play soccer and we have to travel 4 hrs away to play games every other weekend! We drive up, play the games, drive home, no overnight stays! Hope they are going to be good enough to get them a scholarship because we won't be able to help them pay for college!

Anyway! Just frustrated with this stuff! I know we could really use insurance if it was going to make a dent in the once a year checkups for the kids and they usually get strep throat once a year or the flu from the kids at school who wipe their boogers everywhere, and was looking into it before but really struggling to budget for it. And maybe dental to help look after the kids teeth. We will have no choice I guess now!

Oh Well! Rant over!
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  1. KimbaWolfNagihiko's Avatar
    This is the big problem I see with Obamacare. My mother and I receive Medicaid, but my father makes too much to qualify. But signing up for Obamacare is pointless for him because of that deductible. Why pay for something you can't use?
  2. GunLover94's Avatar
    it certainty proves that the affordable health care act is just bad policy and should be repealed. I feel that if people were more willing to at least skim through those pesky terms and conditions much of this problem could have been avoided. honestly besides contracting a major almost terminal illness, there's way you would even come close to your max deductible of $6000. I myself pull in like $21600 after taxes and $6000 in medical expenses would if I got something like cancer would financially Devastate me. I wish you the best with your future.
  3. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    I lost my job thanks to obamacare
    The company I was with didn't want to pay us the manditory heathcare benefits because we were working over 30 hours a week, so the bastards laid most of us off, and hired a bunch of temps and part timers that are getting less than 29 hours a week.
  4. foxkits's Avatar
    Me too haft days no hours so how can I pay a fine .
  5. blankonmymind's Avatar
    yep it sucks! I keep thinking about it. Worried something might happen and I will wish I had it and then worried I will struggle paying, if I do get it!

    We recently got our tax return an I paid off some bills and created some breathing room and maybe actually for once, can save some money! Can't if we enroll! Then on top of that, costs keep going up on everything!
  6. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Oh boy. I'm not going to make myself popular with this one, but I strongly disagree with the sentiment in these posts and I hope I can explain why.

    The ACA isn't about you guys. I'm sorry that it comes with difficult payments that make people's lives harder and I'm even more sorry that businesses have responded to it by intentionally screwing people. But the point of the law is that you don't have a choice about healthcare. If one of you fell and broke a bone, or suffered a heart attack, or whatever, you'd call 911, go to a hospital and get treatment. When that happens, if you don't have insurance and you can't pay, you're basically screwing everyone else. The point of everyone having insurance is to distribute the costs throughout the system so that everyone shares the burden.

    I want to emphasize this: the ACA isn't a law to make your life better. If you had no insurance before, you were totally healthy, and you're being forced to get it now or pay a penalty, congrats because you are in the population specifically intended to be punished by the law. And your life should be worse off because even though you didn't know it, you were a giant walking ball of systemic risk every time you woke up and walked anywhere near moving traffic.

    Now, I'm all for fixing up some of the pricing problems. Right now, the numbers are all screwed up because the Supreme Court struck down the Medicaid expansion part of the law. This created a band of people with too much money to get Medicaid, but not enough to pay with the subsidy they get. If you are personally in that band of people, I strongly urge you to write your state senator and local representative and tell them you'd like them to fix that problem for you. But that problem is a specific failure in implementation that affects a small but significant population across the country. It is NOT a failure of the broader policy.

    Also, if anyone has any specific questions, be they complex economic theory or just simple details about how ACA is supposed to work, feel free to toss me a PM.
  7. blankonmymind's Avatar
    I understand what you are saying and I agree with all but plain and simple, I would come closer to accepting it, if what I paid was actually going to do something for the non catastrophic events that life throws at you now and then, that can add up but not enough to meet the deductible before it renews for the year! Unless I can afford a silver package with the tax credit included, then it's just like "fire insurance". But, I can't fit that in our budget!

    My 11 year old daughter suffers from chronic migraines and takes a pain killer to manage it. Both my kids were on chips (medicade) because of our lower income qualifying us. But now it doesn't because my wife got a little raise at work, doesn't like to lie, and we are just on the border of the qualifying income level, so they cut us off. Well, without that assistance, the cost of even the generic is very costly and to even get a refill of it, we would have to go back to the Dr so he can asses her again and then renew the prescription, but without some sort of help financially, it would be expensive for use to even fill it and they don't give you more than 15 pills at a time per prescription anyway! But I still wouldn't reach her individual $6000 deductible so that the costs are not out of pocket. Meanwhile my daughter doesn't get her meds because we can't afford it and misses school once or twice a month because she hurts too much and she is sick at her stomach. Guess what, we could get her a shot at the clinic and she would at least feel a little better but then, guess what, I have more out of pocket expenses (an probably sent a bill) and a $155 monthly insurance premium that is creating a burden!

    Anyway! Just dammed if we don't and dammed if we do!
  8. blankonmymind's Avatar
    And, if I enroll in it using the tax credit, would that not effect my income taxes in some way?
  9. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    Honestly, a silver plan or Medicaid sound like the two types of appropriate coverage. I'm very sorry to hear that neither is available to you, and that probably does mean you're stuck just in that band of people who ought to be in expanded Medicaid, but aren't.

    It sounds like you have some medical expenses anyway, and you'll have to pay a penalty that will only go up every year, so the best advice I can give is to hold on for awhile until you can afford the extra $1-2k a year to get a reasonable plan. I don't suppose you have any family or friends that might be willing to help out for a little while, or even how you'd feel about asking, but that might be something to consider too.

    Best of luck!
  10. blankonmymind's Avatar
    lol! family and friends that could help out. sure, if they could but sadly they are probably just as broke ass we are!

    Thanks anyways!
  11. blankonmymind's Avatar
    I decided to go ahead and signup for the cheapest plan, but now the website is messed up.
  12. ArchieRoni's Avatar
    *facepalm* try again in a couple days. You have until March 31 to sign up. Awesome that you're getting it though. I really think that having your health is one of the most important things in life.
  13. blankonmymind's Avatar
    Well, the policy I can afford, will do nothing but cover me from getting fined (unless something really bad happens) and get my kids their immunizations. Without a copay, before deductible and paying for insurance, can't really afford to see a Dr. Would like to have some things checked out. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.