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A good blog post-for once.

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As I have been reflecting on the activities of the last couple of days I realized that I should talk about the good things that are happening.

We are having a nice weather period in the northwest for the first time in a while. I have actually gotten a few days that I can be outside and enjoy being outside. I have gotten several of my garden boxes turned over and then even have two of them completely built, dug, and soil prepped and ready to plant. I got my shop cleaned up and organized so I can start working on several different projects off dead center. I have also gotten all of the boxes unpacked and organized, so I can start the final phase of our moving into our new house and put pictures into the proper place and figure out what furniture we need such as book shelves, side tables, etc.

Then today started out as usual with hit the floor running get kids up to get ready to school. But I had to take my wife to work. Yes my wife went back to work today. She got a release to return to work and she is doing much better then the catastrophe of her abdominal blockage near the end of February. I finally got off my butt this morning and logged on to take care of business because it is momentary delusion of wealth day. I did a few things and then logged in to see a message from Moo that I had upgraded to Distinguished Contributor.

Then I went to the Physical Therapist today and was taught how to use a traction device and within twenty minutes the pain in my shoulder was gone and my one arm is no longer numb. I cant wait to go do another treatment as soon as I finish this.

So it is not much but it sure feels good to have a few day of sun shine to help make you feel better.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Good to hear, Egor!
    I'm actually having similar success with PT too this time... -Marka
  2. ade's Avatar
    EEK! don't mention gardening and projects! i've got my own to do (wind and water damage) and mum got a load of free seeds, and muggins, here, has got to get the soil.
    i'm worn out just thinking about it all.

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