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Brief absorbency vs. boosters. Wetness distributor experiments!

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Wetness distributor? Bad translation from the faultfinding section of a Japanese car manual?
'Having the fat spark of coil conversely the puny spark of sparkingplug's cap. To seek any cause at the HT wire is cracked or wetness distributor esp. winter season.'
Actually what I'm referring to is a device to spread wetness throughout the nappy, making more use of the padding at the back.
This is specifically a problem with disposables (cloth diaper wearers can take their smug grins elsewhere) and more especially for boys, where wetness is absorbed close to where it enters the diaper, resulting in a huge expanding bulge at the front while half the diaper remains unused. I'm sure all wearers of high-capacity disposables are very familiar with this. Manufacturers build in an acquisition layer (between the liner and the padding) that spreads, rather than absorbs, however this only works over a short distance and will not carry liquids all the way from the front of the diaper to the back.

My day-to-day solution is to wear a less absorbent diaper with booster pad(s) centre and back. When the front of the diaper is saturated, instead of expanding it further the liquid runs 'aft' to be absorbed by the boosters that are better placed to do so without causing a spectacular crotch bulge. This is OK, although excessive booster usage makes it harder to sit in the nappy as they form a ridge down the middle of the seat. The pressure on this when seated also squashes liquid back out and risks leaking. What I would like to do is divert more liquid directly into the padding at the very back.

I'm testing an arrangement of a thin polythene layflat tube, like a very long narrow plastic bag, that runs round between booster pad and diaper itself. This has small holes strategically placed so that when I urinate into it, it spreads the flow evenly. It only works with a flood sufficient to fill the tube slightly, but those are the most important wets to absorb efficiently anyway. It's important for hygiene reasons that the distributor does not retain urine between wettings, so there must be at least some small holes near the bottom. This means that dribbles will always go into the low-lying areas of padding so they cannot be effectively distributed. But even if I can get one or two floods per diaper change to be absorbed more evenly, it might enable use of higher capacity diapers without embarrassing bulges.

Findings to follow...


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Honestly, I look on this as a bigger problem for girls. A girl's output always ends up in the crotch region of the diaper straight off. Boys, on the other hand, can point up, utilizing the front padding much more completely. When lying down, position obviously matters a lot, but when sitting or standing, boys clearly have it best.

    But anyway... Anything to help spread things out is certainly goodness for the effectiveness of the diaper, although I'm not sure I'd want to fasten my wee wee to a tube. May as well just have a condom catheter and urine collection bag at that point, no? I dunno.
  2. Paxe's Avatar
    Hmm, I'm never too keen on pointing upwards - had some undesirable consequences on occasions! The first experiments have proven rather unsatisfactory and I haven't got much time at the moment to refine the idea, so I will call a halt to the project.

    Perhaps you're right about boys not being at a real disadvantage. I just used to think that the bulge in my GF's wet ones was in a more convenient place, or at least not in such an obvious place, as my own. She probably couldn't use as much of the ultimate capacity but frequent changing is more important for girls anyway.

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