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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#73

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For me, the mature world of "Adult Sexuality", whether Heterosexual or Homosexual is sick, depraved, and evil. I am a Baby, a Little, and nobody in this world has any right whatsoever to "bad touch" me inside my diaper, ever. Only touches I accept, is hugs, kisses, and purely non-sexual "necessary" touches to my body by a Nurse or Doctor inside my diaper to medically examine/check that where pee-pee and poo-poo come from on my body is ok. Today, I have been sucking on my pacifier for hours. Babies never talk. I can not talk anymore. Today only allowed to suck on my pacifier and hug my baby dolly friend, "Precious" and watch the "SPROUT" CATV Channel for children. Me did make myself a chicken salad sandwich earlier for Lunch. My little brother, who is a "Big" is out, and he left me all alone to mutely sit in front of television in his bedroom to watch the SPROUT CATV Channel with 'Precious".


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    I don't mix adult sexuality with my a/b side as when I am in that space I 'am' a child at least emotionally. So I understand some of what you say.

    I do not judge what adults do with other adults though. Just because something is wrong for me in some circumstances does not make it wrong in a general sense. I don't need products for a woman's period as I am not a woman. That does not make these products wrong for those who use them. I need a/b items for my wellbeing but it is fine that others don't need such things.

    Have longterm emotional bonds with most of my 'soft friends' (plush toys). They are 'real' to me.

    Love older age appropriate tv for toddlers. Find most of the 'modern' stuff too fast paced and overwhelming.

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