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Donation to ADISC

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So, I thought I would place a $10 donation to the forum through Paypal. Ive never done this before but thought with all the work that goes into this being a safe environment for people who share similar interests to post their stuff on, what the heck, they deserve something.

Well, my bank calls me to ok the payment because it's international.

Just makes me wonder if they know it was made to a site that talks about adult babies and diaper lovers and other stuff. lol! Oh well, non of their dern business! But I am glad they called to make sure!


  1. egor's Avatar
    Thank you for your donation.

    I do not think you have to worry. They are so busy chasing a fee that they did not look at what the account was or what it was about.
  2. PaddedPuppy's Avatar
    They won't know its to an ABDL Website. If it was a PayPal donation it would just be going to a simple E-Mail address, of which the bank can only see the first part of. As far as the bank can see, it will be 'PAYPAL*MOO' and the value its for. And even if it was obvious what the website was about, I doubt they would EVER question such a sensitive topic. If they were to offend you and you put in a complaint they would be in deep shit.

    What is it with the sudden strict fraud monitoring in banks right now? A phone call because of a simple $10 PayPal donation... Its almost as bad as my bf who got his card restricted for spending 9 in KFC claiming its suspicious activity. If my bank start questioning my every move I'll be moving elsewhere!
  3. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I'm sure it's fine! You are awesome!
  4. ScaredyCat's Avatar
    In my case payment was marked as 'PAYPAL *SD', I doubt they could trace who was a recipient.
    Wow this is really strange that your bank called you to confirm transaction of such a small amount oO
  5. blankonmymind's Avatar
    Mine said Paypal, Henry Hooker.

    It's a small town bank. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.