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Musings from the potty - not as convenient as I remember it!

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BM in nappy, or BM in potty? That was my first decision this morning. Today, I have to undertake a very complex and awkward climb, as part of an engineering project, and for maximum mobility I've chosen not to wear a nappy. This seems a little contradictory as I might want to use the nappy while I'm up there, but actually it won't be for very long, it's just awkward. To get me used to being un-padded, I decided to start the day that way and after breakfast sat on my potty in eager anticipation. But nothing happened. I moved the potty to the study and started on the day's correspondence sitting on it, and still nothing happened. I prefer the potty to the toilet for BMs because I can put it wherever and get on with stuff but now it's a drag compared to nappies. Sitting on my potty for a BM in the bedroom used to seem like an indulgent luxury but nappies seem to have eclipsed that by far.

Eventually, I managed to use the potty, and that was a bit of a let-down too. I pushed, something happened... and then the sensation came to an abrupt end. There was no afterglow, no comforting feeling to reassure me that I had 'been a good girl.' I had to get up and have a look as I couldn't feel what I had done. Then I had to decide whether I had finished. When I'm unsure and in a nappy, I just wait a few minutes before changing and usually get rewarded with another little success. So I ended up spending another 5 minutes on the potty without doing anything else in it.

Everything has its purpose. Potties are great for really messy messes or if you need to go urgently and don't have time to do a cleanup. But for gentle, relaxing BMs at your body's own pace, the nappy totally wins.


  1. Paxe's Avatar
    Did the job, equipment now upgraded and tested beyond spec. Climb wasn't as difficult as it had been made out, guess I could have kept my nappy on after all. Found some incorrect rigging though, not dangerous but someone is going to have to go back with materials to modify it. Returned to base, had a late lunch and popped into the restroom for a final tinkle on the toilet before getting padded up again. My bottom no longer feels bare, as it did in just the shorts. Having had a few hours to compare, I'd say some of the novelty of 24/7 has worn off but nappies are still the best.
  2. TheWolfEmperor's Avatar
    I think it's amazing that you have made this a full life style. I don't quite have the income to pull it off, going 24/7, but I almost want to.
  3. Paxe's Avatar
    You should try it! I recently checked the cost and it's something under 50/week. That figure could be reduced by cutting out some of the peripherals and forgoing the luxury diapers, maybe paring it back to around 30-35. I'm not inclined to do that, but then I'm rather extravagant with many things because I work and play very hard, almost to the point of hedonism sometimes. I'll work 20 hours a day when the heat is on, but then expect deep, intense satisfaction in return, which nappies really help to achieve.

    I don't do things by halves and that includes toileting, which has been an everlasting source of pleasure all my life. Whether squatting over a drain to wee like a girl, or taking turns on the bedpan with my GF, there was never a dull moment dealing with our waste products. Now I'm getting as much pleasure out of nappies as possible, provided they don't interfere with work or relationships with other people. Thus a very specific commitment to 24/7: My waste goes in my nappy, end of. What's not to like?
  4. TheWolfEmperor's Avatar
    Unfortunately, I work retail, so my hours are never consistent from week to week. I usually go through most of summer just wetting and then I buy maybe two or three more large packages of different styles and brands to get me through another year. Back in high school and on and off over the past ten years I have messed in various places and circumstances. The clean up was always a hassle but I did develop a technique and since deliberately messing myself was what led to diapers in the first place, it's easy to see why I tend to be fascinated by the act.

    For me you could go into as much detail as you were comfortable with. As long as you weren't playing with it or doing things even I find too sick to describe, I'd be alright with it. I've enjoyed reading your blog thus far.
  5. Paxe's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy with any amount of detail but I think this forum has an established comfort level especially with anything to do with messes, and I respect that, sort of. I find wetting fairly predictable and it doesn't cause me any trouble. I wet, the nappy soaks it up, I wet some more....eventually my bottom starts to feel wet and I change the nappy when possible. Messing obviously does not come with the same level of freedom. It needs more thought and preparation to ensure it can be dealt with hygienically and discreetly, so it merits more investigation and comment. I wondered whether even now I tend to be a bit graphic, particularly when I described the shopping mall incident. As an extreme pleasure-seeking engineer, it feels just as appropriate to describe a mess as 'delicious' as to annotate a picture of my soiled nappy showing how the design helps to keep it all in. That probably wouldn't be appropriate here but I like it all, and I talk a lot, hence the blog!
  6. TheWolfEmperor's Avatar
    Feel free to PM me whatever you don't think you can post in the blog. I don't mean to sound weird but, well, come on weird goes with the territory. :p

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