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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#71

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Sitting here on the edge of my bed, I, "caitianx" am still wide awake and not yet ready for bedtime. Yes!, I am wearing nothing but my diaper and a pair of socks. I am of course feeling comfortable and happy. Earlier this evening after watching the news, I watched a couple of old "FILMATION" cartoons on DVD from my own video library. I watched "AQUAMAN" from 1967, and then "FLASH GORDON" from the late 1970's. I also spent some time petting "Ernie", my soft Guinea Pig friend. He is just so cute, soft and cuddly. A couple of days ago, my younger non-disabled brother helped me to trim Ernie's toe-nails. they were becoming "too long". I will note, that earlier today, I did have to purchase more "Hay" for Ernie Guinea Pig friend to eat. He is such a "Eating Machine", producing manure which I will have to "clean up" the next time I am scheduled to "clean his cage".

The other day, one of my teddy bear print snap-on plastic pants "tore", and I had to throw it out. I will have to purchase a replacement for it from But I still have 5 other teddy bear print plastic pants from The one that finally "tore a big hole in it" lasted 3+ years before "failing". I do have other plastic pants that I have purchased, that are translucent that come 3 to a package for $15.00. I have 18 of those which I "rotate" with respect to wearing, so that I do not wear the same pair of these "pull-on" plastic pants 2 nights in a row.

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