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Nice new waterproof pants

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I've been avoiding waterproof pants since starting 24/7 nearly two months ago, because I wanted to minimise workload and simplify the whole process as much as possible. In general everything has been going really well but after a couple of leaks at night and one during the day, I started wondering whether it might be worth trying them again. In truth, those leaks were avoidable but as I enjoy wearing waterproofs I couldn't resist the temptation. So today was the first day out in my nice thick soft Suprimas. They are a fairly full cut with wide elastics, comfortable to wear and very quiet. It will be interesting to see just how watertight they are around the legs because the elastics are unenclosed, however they did make me feel better protected and reduced the 'damp thigh sensation' when my nappy was very wet.

A more noticeable effect was the reduction in smells. Although I maintain a high standard of hygiene and change regularly, there's no avoiding the fact that a wet nappy has a faint but distinctive scent, not just of urine but of the materials the nappy is made from. It's difficult to detect over my cologne but I have trained myself to check for it and change if it becomes more apparent. After 7 weeks wearing without plastic pants, I soon noticed that this scent was conspicuous by its absence, which is reason enough wear them, plus they made a worthwhile reduction in messy smells. The first of the day's dirty nappies wasn't too bad anyway but the one after lunch was full and stinky, which the plastic pants really helped with. Obviously not to the point of making it possible to be messy around other people but certainly less likely to be noticed in the event of an encounter on the way to getting changed.

The only negative aspect was the extra bulk under my jeans. With my nappy inside just the tummy control briefs (or Tena-Fix / Abri-Fix pants which I want to try) it's quite figure-hugging despite its thickness, while the plastic pants are anything but. Need more wear-time to decide on whether that's a problem but I'll stock up on these pants and perhaps try a couple of other styles that might be less bulky.

Another reason to look forward to bedtime, too, as the plastic pants will be the outermost layer, slippery and nice against the sheets. In fact, I think I'll turn in now...

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