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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#70

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Yesterday afternoon during naptime, I had a peaceful "adult baby regression". Regression helps me to feel psychologically "whole" inside. Today, I have not been able to take a long nap. I had to drive up to Derry, NH to my monthly mental healthcare appointment visit with my Social Worker/Counselor. It went well.

The only other thing I have been doing today is to upload and edit video footage of an Autistic Self-Advocacy Network event that I participated in this past Saturday afternoon down at Harvard/Brattle Square in Cambridge, MA. This will be another TV program for Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV where I volunteer.

Anyway, I do need "Poopy" Bear and "Precious" Dolly to hug all night to get the rest I need while sleeping tonight.

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