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How I Told My Wife

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We had been dating for like a year and getting pretty serious and I thought before I ask her to marry me, I need to tell her about it. So I just told her very calmly about the 1st experience I remember when I was very little and that the feeling just stuck with me. And this is what I told her:

There is something weird about me that you donít know but I love you very much and I want you to know about before we go any further, even though it could blow our whole relationship apart.

She looked really worried after I said that!

But here is how I got into itÖ

I was about 4 1/2 and my family was staying at my grandmothers house for the holidays and I had to sleep with my teenage aunt in her bed cause there was no other bed for me to sleep in. But, I had a week bladder and was still struggling with getting up at night to use the bathroom and my aunt didnít want to wake up in a wet bed. So my parents put me in one of my little sisters diapers and for some reason I really enjoyed the feeling of wearing it and that the feeling never left me. So all my life since then, I have experimented off and on with wearing diapers.

After I told her all that, she looked at me and giggled and said, she thought it was really weird but there could be worse things I could be into. She said she loved me very much too and accepted me for who I am, but just didnít want to be part of it. But once in a while I could get her to wear one just to be goofy or for intimacy but I have never bugged her about it or forced it on her. And just recently she has expressed that it was something she thought she would never be ďintoĒ like me, but had to admit that she does enjoy wearing one for some odd reason. She hasnít yet just put a diaper on just to wear one like I would though. She is really an old fashioned and a homely kind of person too.

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