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Sciatica & Diapers

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So, I have had this problem for a while since I was a kid. I have a nerve in my lower back that get pinched pretty often and then my lower back, knee and ankle hurts. I went to a few Dr's as a kid and who only rely on xrays and can't find anything, and chiropractors who only provide temporary relief and have to keep going back. They won't give me pain killers with any refills either, and I hate taking stuff that could cause some side effects or where I have to depend on it, though I wish I had them for really painful days, so I just have to suffer I guess.

Anyway, I was just posting this because it also effects me when wearing diapers! If I don't quite get the diaper on right in the middle, or have the tape on too tight, the pressure on the side where it starts (right lower back) causes it to flare up. I can deal with it some times but boy I would be really happy if I could be pain free when wearing!

I don't have insurance anyway so can't really do much medically right now.

oh well!

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