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Still on this side of the dirt

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It took an Email that I had a PM to get me back to the atmosphere. It started out as a dry spell at the local thrift shop circuit - I gave up on 1 Goodwill after 4 trips of nothing usable on the shelf. Then every store I went to if they even had any Mediums they were all cloth-backed and I got so sick of it I ended up getting a bag just to have something.

Meanwhile before I could plan for my next stash I sat down and did the math for how much $ I would need to build another structure to keep my music gear safe, dry and at the ready and I guess I got so focused on all those "000s" I'll need to amass that I went into a spending freeze, though even realistically if I did redirect every spare cent to building a new music room it would still take a couple of years. It hasn't diminished the desire to keep myself comfy-cushy but my brain tells me my money can't be in 2 places at once.

Amidst all this my desire to regain more of a connection with the moped community, a resurgence of an interest in the classic Guns N' Roses lineup and this obsession to learn about what life was like in 1980s Soviet Union for rock fans (interestingly the citizens were allowed to have reel-to-reel tape machines and could record numerous copies of bootleg music), and I've been dividing my other time between both parents' households since there has been a lot of progress on my mother and brother's end, though they still don't need to know about some of my hobbies, though I don't feel that same paranoia that they were trying to get into my closet the way I had before I went AWOL on them. So while I may be at the stage of raiding my small supply of bad thrift store buys, I'm not being chased by any stalkers or been invited to spend a few days talking to strange doctors and trying new medicines. I just need to figure out a plan to make everything fit on my soggy paper plate

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