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Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.
Ronald Reagan


So, here I am at home in my second bedroom having a little drink at 7:30 AM in celebration of a new job starting Monday. I always attribute my issues in life ultimately boiling down to one major flaw:


Oh, I work full time and so does my wife. It's just not enough. In America the jobs that pay rediculously low wages abound and the good paying jobs are few and far between....

That's why....

I will not only be continuing to work my $8.40 an hour full time job unloading trucks....
I will also be doing a full time assembler job at $12.00 an hour.

It's funny, you see, I have amazing computer skills, but I also have manufacturing skills and in the end they don't care about the computer skills unless you have recent work experience in the field. No, my many HD video productions and musical creations mean nothing to them.... Oh... yes... and they mean nothing to talent agencies either.

You see, It took me a LONG time to realize I want to be an actor or at the very least be involved in production. I only have one demand, I will pay nothing for schooling for either one.

Simply put: I can do it all already.

Can I learn from others that have more experience than me? Of course! I am more than willing to listen and learn new things video and acting wise.... ON THE JOB. I have been to the major talent agency in Pennsylvania and well.. they wanted me to pay $50.00 a week for acting lessons. Thing is... If I HAD $50.00 to spare....(I had to borrow $10.00 for gas money from my mom just to drive to the talent agency.) That 50.00 is better spent advertising for my already impressive works.

It's a fact.... In this vast internet world, it's HARD to stand out now. YouTube is flooded. Heck, just yesterday I received a spam link to a guys YouTube. He has over 4k Subscribers and I guarantee it's primarily due to his advertising. ... It's a sad thing to admit... but If people aren't seeing you, you aren't getting anywhere.

So! My many plans and dreams are to work two jobs. Put money in an account. Pay off a few bills, take my wife out to a nice dinner and then put some money into some decent advertising..... In addition to Better equipment and props for videos.... I can't tell you guys.... but.... I have SO MANY IDEAS written down for comedy skits and etc.

I could literally make a show with the comedy skits I have written down. I am an amazing writer. (glug glug sips drink.)

But without the props to do these videos I can't pull them off.... and that means money. See? lol. I keep going back to that same thing. And trust me, I hate money. I hate the world we live in where money has to be such an issue.

In fact, I have a song I am working on that is exactly about that!

Anyways, I am going to be blogging more often to get my rants and ideas out so feel free to check and I hope you guys have a great day!

BabyMitchy YouTube:

VGCodeMaster YouTube:

I have also been live streaming almost every other night playing games.


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Well, BabyMitchy, I don't know what else to say except that I sympathize. A lot. A very close friend and I have alternated pursuing new careers over the last few years, and neither of us has had much luck. My own interest parallels yours to some extent. I spent a couple of years pursuing a job in visual effects and production engineering -- to no avail. I'm presently "resting" (i.e., on cruise control in my present job) while I devise a new plan.

    Like you, I've long been a video nut, though you'll find relatively little of my work here, as I'm not ready to connect my online identities.

    Good luck! (I mean that in a positive way ) You seem to have a plan and the drive to see it through. Those are certainly the most important ingredients.
  2. egor's Avatar
    I can relate.
    Could not get a job doing in humans techniques developed in monkeys. So I went back to school and got the certification to do in humans what I help develop in monkeys. The teacher was so impressed with my skills. The potential employers interviewed me, but I had no experience doing the technique. So if you develop the widget you cant get the job building widget.

    Another point. Took a tem to hire job cleaning and shipping metal hose parts. There was a part that could not be protected to ship so they just slapped a warning sticker on it. It looked like a monkey leg, so I wrapped it like I would for a monkey ankle splint. Line boss saw it and was impressed. So he told floor super and I did the trick and he was impressed. So the floor supper got the product manager and I showed him the trick and he was impressed. So they get the executive VP of production (who started in the position I was doing and said "it cant be done") I showed him the trick and I was told that the position was filled and I did not need to report for work the next day.

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