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So...that was information I was not expecting to receive.

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So...last night I was talking to my mom about an article I'd readonline where the author had expressed outrage that another woman had allowed her child to continue using a pacifier until age 4. I'd replied to the author that my cousin sucked her thumb until she was a pre-teen, and whatever might be said about if this was okay for her dental health, it certainly didn't make my aunt a bad mother for allowing her to do so.

And this is when my mom informs me that my step-sister, a woman in her mid twenties with a child of her own, still sucks her thumb from time to time and always has for as long as my mom has known her. not know what to do with this information. In case you're wondering, no, I did not offer a confession about my own pacifier usage, but...uh, starting to think it might not be a problem, to be honest.

Lord. Between this and the fact that my younger cousin (not the one who sucked her thumb until her tween years) once got busted by her mom for being on Fetlife and planning to meet up with an AB Daddy...does this run in families or something? I mean *really*...

Anyway. Just...yeah. What the heck.

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