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Single-change kits - need a nickname for them!

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Having shown off my sneaky changing bag the other day, here's my other secret diapering weapon - the single-change kit. Each one is a self-contained resource including everything needed for a messy change, all packed in an Abri-Bag that get used for disposal afterwards. They take a few minutes to set up but they save effort in the long run by not having to take the changing bag along on short trips, if I can just throw one of these into a holdall or kit bag. Two versions exist, the normal daytime one contains a Super and one booster, the extended-wear / optional night version contains a Maxi and two boosters. Anything left over after the change can be returned to build into the next kit (e.g. the flushable wipes pack won't have been used for a wet-only change) or tossed if it's not practical to carry stuff back to base.

1 Tena Slip Extra or Maxi pre-loaded with
1 or 2 flushable boosters & liners
4 flushable disinfectant wipes
10 flushable c-fold towels
7 flushable wet wipes
10 baby wipes
2 Scented disposal bags
1 Abri-Bag disposal ziploc

I'm getting used to not putting seat covers on the toilet for my sit-down-messy-cleanup routine. I have found them annoying when the the inner edges get messy, which then gets onto my hands, or they tear as I change position. So I am now packing disinfectant wipes instead of seat covers and sanitising the seat carefully before and after use. Mess doesn't usually get onto the seat anyway now I have had lots of practice.

Anybody got any ideas for a catchy name for these things? 'Pitstop pack' is my favourite so far...

Contents packed in sequence...
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Name:	Pitstop pack contents.jpg 
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Fold up like so...
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Name:	Pitstop pack being loaded.jpg 
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To create complete packs like these two:
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Name:	Two pitstop packs.jpg 
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  1. pinksmart's Avatar
    The "pitstop pack"! You've done it again, Paxe. Neat and discreet ~ You are like the boyscouts of diapers.
  2. Paxe's Avatar
    Thanks, but, erm, please can I be a girl guide rather than a boyscout?
  3. pinksmart's Avatar
    Eeep! Of course you can. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.