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Naptops? Lappies? Can you tell the difference?

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Like keysmoneyandfags in the old days, computers (often more than one) and nappies are two things I'll always have with me. So what better way to carry the nappies discreetly than an otherwise-redundant laptop case, which is my new one-day changing bag. Most of my daytime changes will be into a Slip Super with one or two boosters, the Maxi can be used during the day or with any spare boosters at night. There are enough wipes and accessories to deal with a couple of messy changes and a couple of wet ones. It starts the day as follows:

4 Tena Slip Super
1 Tena Slip Maxi
8 Booster pads
1 pack (min 30) baby wipes
1 pack (min 30) flushable wet wipes
1 pack (min 12) flushable disinfectant wipes
30 flushable C-fold towels
8 flushable nappy liners
4 flushable 3-ply toilet seat covers
8 scented disposal bags
2 Abri-Bag disposal ziplocs
1 pair size 14 high waist firm control knickers
1 small roll high performance sticky tape
1 pair scissors
1 tube zinc oxide cream
1 sheet thick polythene 2'x2'

There's room for other essentials such as the keysmoneyfagsphoneandcharger. The only snag is the likelihood of one day finding myself in the restroom with a messy nappy round my ankles and only an XPS15 to clean it all up with, or in the boardroom trying to run a powerpoint presentation off a Tena Slip!

Naptop case...
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Contains Lappies!
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  1. pinksmart's Avatar
    Very clever and discreet, Paxe. And such an economical use of space. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.