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Free at Last

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Hey there! As the few friends I had on here may or may not know, I was gone for quite some time. And this was because I wasn't eighteen and the site, with good reason, made it so you had to be eighteen to be on. But, I'm eighteen now and back a little bit older and wiser.
A lot has changed, and I'm realizing it now more than ever as I try to think of all of it. But I still greatly enjoy being an AB/DL, even though in my current situation I can't waddle around in my diapers too much. Soon, however, I think I'll have a little more freedom to do so.
I moved in with my boyfriend of over a year and his family. This is partially due to the fact that my dad turned into someone awful once he got remarried. And, not only that, but his new wife found out about me being an AB/DL and INSISTED that it was totally unhealthy. When I explained to her that I had talked to multiple counselors and psychiatrists who insisted it was a perfectly healthy thing, she still demanded she was right. In short, some of my diapers, bottles, and pacis got thrown away.
My AB/DL persona has grown into someone I refer to as Emily. Secretly, she's turned into this "character" I dress up as when I go to conventions. She's typically in cute lolita gear. But I haven't managed to muster the courage to do the diapers or bottles in public yet. Some day soon I hope.
But I don't want this post to be too long on the off chance that someone actually reads it. I missed the site, and I'm happy to be back!
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  1. Marka's Avatar
    Welcome back, and Happy Return, Greeniebell! I don't know if you'll want to do a spot in the Introductions forum too... as more people tend to read that forum...

    Good to see you prevail through the turmoil that you have gone through! I hope that you'll find that however different it may seem to you...ADISC is still the spirit of community and sharing that I've always known it to be...

    I look forward to seeing you around!

    -Marka :grouphug:
  2. Greeniebell's Avatar
    I actually did make a post in the introduction forum the day I came back. But that was a few weeks ago. But thanks for the suggestion. ^.^ And I still absolutely love the site. Thanks for the happy wishes! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.