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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#65

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I did have a good peaceful "little time" during my afternoon nap today. I woke up clutching "Poopy", one of my special cuddle friends. Today I did not watch or look at the news either on the television or online. In many ways, I am tired of all the reporting of adults doing so many evil awful stuff to each other and to children.

In the last couple of days I have been communicating online with an Autistic older woman who also has Cerebral Palsy. She is also Blind. Of course, she like me also has to wear diapers 24/7. I met her face-to-face last Summer at a conference of Autistic persons.

She is not an Adult Baby, but she does love plush cuddle toys like me.

I will note, that many of us adults with lifelong developmental disabilities are very much "treated as if we were still little children" by caregivers and by other adults in the outside world.

Well, I need to think more on this last thought, before I write further.

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