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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

Aw Hell...

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... I may have just accidentally-on-purpose scoured eBay and spent a bomb on Little stuff.

I'm now really excited for it coming but guilty/annoyed at myself for "wasting" money on it and also plenty sad, as there's nobody to play/share it with!

Would probably have been easier not to visit eBay in the first place and just remain in my cave, rocking back and forth chanting Queen's "We Will Rock You" to the invisible lilac narwhal in the opposite corner...



  1. Phobos's Avatar
    Anything you buy is not a waste if you enjoy it Very much approve of your song choice and I'm sure the lilac narwhal approves too.
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    Guilty? Think about all the stuff you spend money on. I'd be willing to bet you get far more use/mileage/enjoyment out of your little things than a lot of the other.

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