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Frustrated changes lead to wet jeans!

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I was on site recently, commissioning equipment. Although I wasn't obliged to show anyone what I was doing (that's a separate training session) they seemed to think it was a good idea to shadow me to begin learning about the system. In principle that was OK, but there were a few of them, so it was almost impossible to shake them all off my tail at once. By late morning, after a few coffees etc, I could feel I was going to need a change before lunch. The trouble was that every time I tried to get my changing supplies, one of them would get in the way or stand next to me or whatever, so that I couldn't get a moment to collect them from the bag (not my usual changing bag) that they were in. After a few failed attempts over as many hours, it looked like the only option would be to visit the restroom, take my nappy off and go without any kind of wet cleanup, just pulling my panties back up where the nappy should be. Not good from a cleanliness aspect and uncomfortable at best.

As lunchtime approached, I begin to pin my hopes on being last out of the room and picking up the whole bag, calling in at a restroom on the way out of the building, doing my thing and then dumping the bag at reception before catching them up. So I let myself do a final wet in the nappy I was wearing and this turned out to be a mistake. It was quite a flood, causing little leaks around both legs. Finally I had no choice. I managed to get what I needed out of the bag without drawing attention but had to step out into the circulation space with it in my hand, in a clear ziploc. Then, oops! there's a line for the (unisex) bathroom. So I'm standing there with a nappy and a pack of baby wipes in my hand and what feels like a big wet patch forming in my jeans. Eek!

Actually, once I got into a stall and took a look, there wasn't anything visible on the jeans at all, only the merest trace of wetness inside the thighs. Maybe the lady behind me saw the nappy, probably not, as she might well have been concentrating on keeping her own panties dry. Anyway it was the most awkward moment I have had in a professional environment where I need to keep my wearing strictly private. I must stick to my proper change bag and/or take single-change kits out on projects like this. And switch to a higher absorbency!

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