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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

The Itchy Foot Dilemma...

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... I have an itchy foot. For those interested, it's my left foot. For those still intrigued, I'm a lefty, so it's almost always my left foot.

I mean to scratch it, and vigorously, but there's a problem - as there almost always is: it tickles. And it tickles so much that I cannot keep my foot still enough to deliver a good, firm, sufficient scratching.

I have considered all manner of complex foot bondage but feel they are much too expensive and elaborate to warrant their use. Should I, instead, seek out a hedgehog to step on?

Answers on a postcard, please.


  1. Marka's Avatar

    Re: "Answers on a postcard"

    What does "Answers on a postcard" mean?

    It used to be common for magazines in Britain (and over the Atlantic for all I know) to print in each issue a conundrum or quiz question for their readers, with a small prize for the first correct reply, or the first 10 correct replies, or whatever. Until a few years ago a postcard cost less to send than a letter, and postcards were easier for the magazine staff to sort, so the standard instruction was "Answers on a postcard, please, to [the magazine address]". So this became a catchphrase for "If anybody knows, please tell me".
    I go at it with great speed and vigor...if you inflict enough pain counters most of the tickle... However, you must commit and follow-through without hesitation (lest your foot jumps away from your grasp, and you giggle.) Otherwise, I find certain spray medications to work quite nicely...

  2. BerkoBear's Avatar
    You need to use moisturiser on the offending area, the skin is too dry, that's why it itches. I've been told Vaseline works very well.

    Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch - YouTube
  3. Lilicup's Avatar
    I'm glad Marka cleared up the postcard bit! When I first read your itchy problem, my response was to tell not to step no a hedgehog, but to jump on a cactus!

    then I saw the postcard bit and I thought, 'am I suppose to find a postcard with a cactus and then write my answer on there and link it to the forum?" so off I went to look at cacti postcards.
    They were all very ugly though, and so I wrote no answer on any of them.
  4. ade's Avatar
    itchy-foot is quite common. it may just be a 'bored' nervous system. try scratching it with your other foot or, better, find a dog that likes to lick feet (heaven). - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.