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"Avoiding" the holidays.

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Well last night I made my choice of not going up to my mom's nor Oregon for the "holidays" this year. My main reasons are since I can't drive up there on my own I would have to force my dad to drive again for maybe the 20th+ time in this past decade or so. I know the drive sucks for him and there's mountain ranges no matter what way we go.

So there's always the worry about getting snowed in on some dumb pass or hour long delays and what not. Frankly it just overall sucks on the drive up there asides for the summer time.

But I got a whole list of reasons and I doubt anyone here would really care to hear them all.

So I called my mom and she expressed sorrow about me not coming up but she does seam to understand why I don't feel like it. I been to her town ton's of times in the past few years.

I also called up my older brother who wanted to see me on my 21st brithday which is now in 6 days. <_> So I only got to leave him a message like usual. It was pretty much him doing the planning this time but he only brought it up a few weeks ago. Plenty of time to get things in order I guess but not enough time to get me in the mood of wanting to go. Anyways I am hopping I dint hurt any of their feelings or the feelings of their respective family's.

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