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Spending more time in diapers

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I spent most of last night in diapers. I really wanted the experience to feel as natural as possible. I really tried to relax and totally ignore any reaction I might have to the feeling of needing to pee-pee. I can get to where I can wet my diaper at times and hardly be conscious of the fact I'm doing so. I do find it a little more difficult at night because the feeling of needing to pee-pee still wakes me up. I really would like to get to the point where I wake up some morning to discover I have completely emptied my bladder without waking up; at that point I know I am ready to be kept in diapers regardless of what my wife might think (we sleep in separate bedrooms). I got up early and removed my nightgown and diaper and slipped into a pair of PJ's. After my wife left for work I put a fresh diaper on with the determination that I would spend the approximately the next 36 hours diapered, with no bathroom potty privileges except for cleaning up. I will also drink any liquid refreshments from a baby bottle if at all possible.

I've spent nearly 6 hours in my current diaper. It wasn't long after I put it on that I first went pee-pee and have went pee-pee several more times since then with the most recent being the heaviest soaking, due to the several cups of coffee I had for breakfast. I felt my bowels groaning some and knew that it probably wouldn't be the most pleasant experience going yukee-poo in my diaper today. Again I want the experience to be as natural as possible so when I felt the pressure building I did not make any attempt at keeping myself from going. I would like to be able to go diapered 24 hours with only 3 diaper changes. I don't know if that will be possible as that would mean spending a considerable amount of time in this wet and messy diaper. I know I haven't finished going yukee-poo and would hope that if I delay my diaper change for a bit I could at least finish doing that rather than going yukee-poo in another diaper.

What I am trying to do is treat myself just like I would like my wife to treat me if she were into being my mommy. I really wish she could understand just how much it would mean to me for her to take complete control of every aspect of my life, keeping me in diapers and plastic pants and treating me just like a baby for the most part. I would not sit around and act like a baby playing with toys or going ga-ga; goo-goo; but want her to control when and where I am diapered; when and where I get my diapers changed; and teasing me in public about being diapered and the status of my diapers and whether I need a diaper change. For times when it isn't convenient for me to be diapered then she would make me wear women's panties, reminding me that men wearing panties, skirts/blouses, and dresses, etc. is the new masculine as women now wear the pants. For her treating me the way I want I would be willing to do all the housework and domestic duties. I would obey her and serve her completely. I would worship her as my Queen and make every effort possible to meet her needs and please her.

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