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bestest birthday ever!

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so a couple of days ago i had my birthday (i now officially feel old blech)
as a present my girlfriend decided to mother me (and do an amazing job in fact) now just to put this in perspective
shes only just starting to grasp the appeal of the whole AB/DL thing so for her certain things are still strange, weird and uncomfortable.
this alone would make it a really amazing thing for any new carer to undertake but couple that with the fact that shes been dealing with
alot of stress lately and under pressure yet still took the time to learn so much about the lifestyle
(going so far as to sit down and watch videos and documentaries on it, got me to write down my ideal role play scenero and even join this forum for advice)
basically saying that "well its never been my thing but you like it so i just want to make you happy" <3

i woke up to my "happy birthday ruby" lovingly written in blue playdo on the lounge room table, i then got the opportunity to be diapered and put in pj's (this time without any nightmarish situations involving wet bedsheets)
i got to play with matchbox cars, playdo, draw, and even be read a story before being bottle fed while i drifted off to sleep...
and apparently its going to be a weekly or (almost weekly) occurrence because shes starting to find a certain fondness for mothering me.
it was an amazing effort on her part, reminding me just how much i'm loved and cared for in my relationship and how lucky i am to have such a sweet, caring person to be with.
readers of said blog i officially feel like the luckiest kidlet in ze world. <3


  1. foxkits's Avatar
    Im happy for you give her some extra love her style.
    Rember its partnership.
    Us ab/dl can go over board demanding it all the time just like a kid does.
    So stay balanced as she give's so should you.
    Stay happy you both.:-)
  2. neocarbunkle's Avatar
    Living the dream. Make sure to keep her happy. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.