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similarities among fetish support communities

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hey all! i recently surfed across another fetish support community website. even though their particular fetish doesn't interest me, i noticed that we share a lot of feelings, scenarios, and concerns.

if you've spent any time here, or on the internet in general, you've most likely realized that the human mind and individual sexual desires are strange and complicated. some people aren't wired at all for sexual release and some feel they're wired for too much. most but not all people desire a partner of the opposite sex (with matching gender). some people enjoy pain, some people enjoy wearing clothes typical of their opposite gender, some people enjoy danger, some people enjoy animal personalities, some people enjoy diapers, and this list goes on forever. further, we don't seem to have chosen what we enjoy; we only get to choose if/how we participate and how much we allow our public personalities to reflect our private weirdnesses.

the website abasiophilia information is brought to us by some people with an impaired mobility fetish. they typically enjoy pictures/thoughts about people who require leg braces, especially complicated ones such as knee-ankle-foot orthotics. i am probably like most other adisc'ers, since we are gathered here and not there, in thinking "okay, whatever floats your boat". but oh boy, do i empathize with the feelings expressed in the various personal stories that i read there! if you choose to explore that site (i also particularly recommend the link "telling 'significant others' our secret"), you might try mentally replacing any mention of their specific desires with your own. i found many of the ideas *amazingly* familiar:

- something i saw/experienced at just the right/wrong time when i was young seems to have irreversibly triggered something in my head

- my friend/parent may have reacted negatively when the situation took place, but at the same time i was secretly fascinated and wished i could be doing that too or that it would have been me instead

- now that i am able, i (currently / want to / would if i could) "do that too", and those who know me (think it's a medical need / understand that i simply like it / have absolutely no clue / would probably disown me if they found out)

- i get a peculiar and strong kick / "fix" out of seeing my fetish objects being used in public and/or looking at pictures of people who have/need/use them

- i (would like to buy / have bought / have made) some things myself and use them (privately / in public secretly / as part of my public personality) for my own enjoyment

- i have agonized about telling important people in my life that i enjoy this, and if i have, it resulted in (outright disgust / reluctant acceptance / mutual participation and enjoyment)

- because i was pressured into it, i went and talked to a therapist about my interests and most likely learned that if i feel it doesn't dominate my life then he/she considers it mostly harmless (to paraphrase the "telling others" page, ”so, just participate in the fetish then. who will it hurt?”)

- i have been upset by my feelings and have tried to get rid of them, and my personal inventory of fetish items, but eventually my feelings come back and i am mad at myself for purging my collection

- my private community understands that we desire the same objects/routines that some people honestly need and use daily to cope with body issues, and while they think that's strange and maybe even strongly disrespectful, we'll apologize for that and continue nevertheless

- a great amount of stories, pictures, and conversations exist inside the subculture of people from all walks of life who enjoy this and come together (on the internet / at conventions / in small groups) to feel comfortable and/or show off among like-minded individuals

there really is a great wide world out there full of people who don't seek what's considered normal. i encourage all of you to go check out other websites supporting other harmless-but-awkward desires like ours. if you've ever heard of the humorous "rule 34 of the internet" which states "if something exists, then someone has created pornography of it," then you can also bet that someone is also hosting forums and chat rooms for its devoted fanbase. adisc is only one case in point.

i hope this helps some of you who stress over your feelings and have issues accepting them. if you ever feel compelled to hurt yourself or anyone else, seek professional help immediately! if you want to reduce the impact of your desires on your personal life, i encourage you to talk to someone who can help you manage your habits. otherwise, relax! you are a unique and valuable individual with as much right as anyone to own and wear and do what you like if it does not infringe upon the rights of others... and you have all the freedom you need to do it.

(this is a repost of a thread that was closed long ago, made into a blog so i don't lose it, and edited to match my current style with some parts rephrased)

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