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Wetting issues - Night-time leaks and bulges in Ultimas

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Had another little leak last night, should have expected it because I was drinking a lot before bed. The Lille Classics with their high waistband give you a bit of warning about leaks but I didn't take any notice of it for some reason. I'm not used to sleeping all night, often don't get more than a couple of hours off-duty, when there's a chance of a good night's sleep a more absorbent night-time diaper is called for. AFAIK I don't wet in my sleep, instead mainly when dozing off and as soon as I wake. As I get more used to 24/7, I am less conscious of when I wet, it's still a deliberate act but doesn't take any effort. I just think 'wet' and it happens. For safety I have started using bed pads under the sheet again, as I don't want any wetness to reach the mattress.

In anticipation of the eventual loss of plastic-backed Tena's, the Ultima is on trial again because the replacements for Extra and Super will presumably be similar. The Ultima has a claimed 4100ml capacity and, in as much as diapers are never usable to the claimed capacity, without measuring I can believe it. As cloth-style goes they are pretty good, and the capacity is breathtaking, but it's actually quite hard to use much of it for daytime wear because of the difficulty of getting any of the wet to reach the back. The Ultima is just so absorbent that it all soaks in close to where it leaves the body, resulting in a huge bulge before the local capacity is exhausted. Boys get a big squishy lump at the front, girls end up with a pillow between their legs where they wet in the middle, while the back stays dry and unused. Need to try them at night although I much prefer plastic against the sheets.

Testing new, improved single-change kits today, more on those later...


  1. foxkits's Avatar
    Plastic pants over helps with leeks
  2. Paxe's Avatar
    I used to wear plastic pants, sometimes with a light pad inside to collect anything that escaped into them, but at the moment I haven't been finding the extra laundry etc worthwhile. I've had two leaks in three weeks, both avoidable had I prepared slightly better. The extra freedom of movement and comfort without the pants is useful so I will persevere without them. The bed pads are no hassle, I have one on at the moment covering the middle third of the bed and I can barely feel it, so I'm going with those instead of the full PVC sheets for now.

    I do plan to get some nice new pvc high-waist bloomers though, as the ultimate backstop for situations were it would be disastrous to wet the seat or bed, if not for everyday use. They would also be handy for keeping smells under control if I think I'm going to be messy in a more sensitive location. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.