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Love issues

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Christ's sake...

I feel really depressed now. I can't and probably never will get this straightened out. My social life has gone suicidal and is just too mych for me to handle right now. Let me get thing straight, first things first.

My family isn't very approving of my political standpoint nor the stands I pull in public. I'm so frustrated with them. Why can't they let me live my dream? I wish to make the place just a little bit better for at least someone. But I guess every revolutionist has to meet problems sooner or later, but the fact that it is my parents this time just makes me sad. Why is everyone so against communism, when they don't even know what's it about?

So, enough with the political talk. I'll talk about love now. You see, I've been in love with a girl for almost two years now. The thing is, I think she has feelings for me too. At class she always
looks at my direction, when we make eyecontact one of us always looks away. The problem is that both of us is very shy and probably too much to dare to make the first move. Very annoying indeed. In a swedish blog I posted about a year ago I explained this thorougly, and if some of you want's to read it, then I can give it to you. But it is in Swedish, just so you know.
But not only that situation. I've been her friend for more than 3 years now. And I've started to think that she has feelings for me, she is hitting on me constantly. I love her, but not in that way. I don't wan't to hurt her feelings, but I don't really know how. Every thing I do has it's consequences. And I don't know what to do.

Why can't life be simple? I mean, why should this be so hard? Life hardly seems fair when such a beautiful thing as love gets so painful as it is know.

Goddamit! I don't know how much of this I can take. It feels like everytime I get a yard ahead of my feelings something always comes back and stabs my back.
I can't stand losing the girl I love, but neither do I wan't to lose my best friend.

I guess, some people are just meant to be hurt, and have their hearts crushed.


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    A comic strip for you on the subject of the girl you like:

  2. blarg's Avatar
    Lol hey about your problem. I say go for it lol. I'm in a similar situation except nothing as serious as love. Btw. the love thing, it's probably ljust because you've idolized her over the years. Either way though if she flirts with you than why not??? The reason i still haven't asked out the girl that i know is simply because of the fact that i haven't known her long enough or even really been friends, she flirts with me so i'm planning to hang out with her in a week or three lol- and if it all turns out well than ask her out lol. But make a schedule, set her up into secluded spots, hang out by yourselves etc. Only thing i can say perhaps you'll figure something out. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.