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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

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I finally know where I'm going with my new story. It takes place in my hometown and such. Some of the events that occur have actually happened. No, not the characters... I mean the locations and where everything is. I used to go camping in Acadia at Seawall campground since I was a baby. We used to go there every summer. It was lots of fun, and I even got to spend most of my time near the ocean. I was born and raised there until about thirteen or fourteen.

A lot has changed since we moved. I'm not 25, so you can tell it's been ages since I've ever been there. My parents really want to pay Maine a visit, but we just don't have the money to do it. I know the first thing my dad would do is go to Acadia because I was practically raised around it. If you must know, we moved to Arizona because the climate was better for my dad.

The weather is better here. It's not muggy and clammy like the summers in Maine. What I miss the most is the snow and the cold weather there. Plus, I also miss our usual camping trips as well. It'd be fun to camp in Arizona, yes, but it wouldn't be anywhere NEAR camping in Acadia.

Anyway, enough rambling about that. I started playing Pokemon White 2 after getting Poke bank. It just came out yesterday. I had to restart since I did transfer most of my pokemon to Pokemon X. I do use an action replay for White 2 because that game is just... tough. I know, I know... cheating in games is bad... but it helps me more than you think. Grinding and leveling never comes easily for me as it does most pokemon players.

Take into heart the special needs I have too. The only game I've ever beaten legitally is Pokemon X. It was much easier than the previous games, which I was happy about. But yeah.

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