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Keep your eye on the ball...

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One of the pleasant things about this session of full-time wear is how few technical hitches have occurred so far:
One leak (wet only, at home, no hassle) and a couple of near misses due to 'user error' by delaying changes.
One clogged toilet from flushing a big wad of liner full of very solid mess (plunger sorted it)
Some soreness around the leg cuffs (now rapidly healing) due to having walked miles the other day in a very thick, very wet nappy that had expanded to a huge pillow between my legs.
And that's it. No messy leaks, wet seats, tape failures, nothing else that has caused even a moment's stress. Because of the minimal leakage I've not bothered with waterproof pants or bedsheets nor had to do any extra laundry. Very little difficulty changing when out and about, even the messy ones, with just the supplies I keep in the holdall. I don't bother with a separate changing bag now. It's all so easy!

The flipside to that is the onset of complacency. I forget that I am in a nappy, or that nappies aren't part of everyone's daily life. I caught myself checking for wetness on the station platform recently. I have also had a few concealment failures, which don't embarrass me because I don't have issues with people seeing my nappy or knowing that I wear. But it's not for me to make them think about things that might be embarrassing to them.

One rather obvious exposure happened last week at the filling station. I drove in, filled the car with fuel, filled my nappy at the same time (for fun... I was tickled by the idea of a nappy-filling station and did one standing at the pump just to prove the point!) then went to check the tyre pressures. After bending down with the airline a couple of times, I realised that the family standing around their car behind mine kept getting an eyeful of about two inches of Tena waistband. They were all watching me and could not have missed it, yet there was nothing that could be done at the time to stop it happening without drawing more attention to it.

I neither want to flaunt it nor waste time and effort being prissy about it. Just need to keep an occasional eye on what I am letting myself get away with.

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