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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

omg (Decided to edit in more details)

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I just met someone on the writing site I go one who is a little! So, I told him about my little side as well. He said he also loves my ABDL story (How I Became an Adult Baby) too. That's when he mentioned it. I've never met anyone like that outside of this site before! It makes happy to meet someone I can relate to like that. I just wanted to share this since it's a first for me.

So, I had my first wetting. I went to the bathroom, put on a diaper and literally just... went. I had to go so bad, so maybe that was why. I just let it go, and I ended up leaking and soaking it. I'm still wearing the wet diaper because it feels warm and comforting. ^w^

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