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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#57

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Not sure what to say, except that I am feeling socially isolated lately. Being Autistic has meant I have few if any friends to talk to on a daily basis. When I do "communicate", it seems as if all I ever do is anger other humans. This does lead me to simply shy away from further contact with other humans. Yet, I do wish that I had other humans to talk to, even face-to-face. It is assumed that Autistics are incapable of feeling lonely, but I do experience this emotion, exceptionally strongly.
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My younger non-disabled brother did take me out in his car to drive up to Londonderry, NH to "Ride-A-Way, Inc.", which does handicapped-adaptations to vehicles to "pick up" my "new" 2010 Used Ford Focus Car, after it was modified to add "Hand Controls" to enable me to drive it. I do have to drive over to the Salem, NH Municipal Building and then to the NH-DMV Office here in town to get my "new" used car "registered". Anyway, the picture above is my "new" handicapped-adapted car.

Only other thing which has happened today, is that my younger non-disabled brother's girlfriend cam over to "hang out" with him. I stayed in another part of the house here to let them have "privacy". My brother's girlfriend is Fillipino-American, which is not an issue with me. She graduated with my younger brother from Salem High School decades ago.


  1. Speck's Avatar
    "Autistics are incapable of feeling lonely"

    Hm, that's a new one. Would like some references to that if you have any please.

    But chin-up, caitianx, we are who we are and I no longer want any part in AB/DL'ism no more than you want any part in feeling socially voided, or alone.

    But the way I see it, is that it is a part of who we are, not what we are, so embrace it and try and find the good in it.
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  2. RainbowShy's Avatar
    "It is assumed that Autistics are incapable of feeling lonely, but I do experience this emotion, exceptionally strongly."

    I kind of disagree with this. O_o Autistic people are much more capable of things than what people think. Not to mention, every autistic person is different too. You will never have two people on the spectrum that are exactly the same. It's like saying we don't feel empathy, but we do... just in a different way than normal.

    However, I know how you feel about the whole 'communication' thing. The only people I ever communicate with are online or people that are important (IE. Parents, my psychiatrist, my doctor...) I don talk to people I know, like at the gas station we go to, and I do have a real life friend I met at the anime convention i go to every year too. But that's about it. I have a hard time with being social because it makes me really nervous. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.