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Tips for messing?

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Many people say that the pleasure of messing isn't worth the hassle of the cleanup but I disagree - it really isn't much hassle if you're organised and prepared for it.

I always used to insist on showering or using the bidet when cleaning up a BM, or my favourite which I set up in my old house was a combined shower / squat toilet where I could just hose off all the mess with warm water in seconds. Since switching to 24/7 for everything, I have had to get better at cleanup with wipes only, because around half of my messy nappies have to be changed away from home.

It's possible to do a perfect cleanup remarkably quickly with just wipes, if you are methodical and fastidious. A recent improvement in my routine has been to carry out all the messy steps in the process sitting on the toilet, minimising the chance of mess getting anywhere it shouldn't. I use flushable everything, including a nappy liner, so that 99.9% of the waste and anything soiled gets flushed away. This is the sequence:

1. Put seat cover on toilet. Position wipes within easy reach.
2. Untape and remove nappy. Flushable liner stays stuck on bum.
3. Sit on toilet, peel off liner with most of solid waste and flush.
4. Wipe off worst of remainder with flushable hand towels and flush.
5. Start getting clean with flushable wet wipes.
6. When wipes are coming away with minimum visible soiling, stand up and flush wipes and seat cover.
7. Start wiping whole nappy area with baby wipes. These aren't flushable so put them in the nappy for disposal. Like the nappy itself, they're really just wet, not messy.
8. Clean entire nappy area thoroughly, working towards the back so as not to spread any remaining traces of soiling. When all seems clean, do it again for safety!

Worst case, if I've done something that has really spread out, it's 5-8 mins start to finish. If it's firm and still in one neat lump, 3-5 mins. I don't find it a chore, it's all part of the messy fun!
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  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Those are some nice tips!
  2. Paxe's Avatar
    Thanks! I think if one is going to indulge in messing and cleaning up in other peoples' bathrooms etc, it's only fair to try and be as dainty and sanitary about it as possible. If I can leave the bathroom with a 100% certainty that there's no mess left behind anywhere, no surfaces tainted or contaminated, nothing yucky in the trash and not too much of a smell, it's no more inconvenient to other people using the bathroom or the owners than if I had done the BM in the toilet. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.