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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

Best way to explain a little?

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As you know, I do consider myself as a little. I sleep with plushies, am afraid of the dark, have a security blanket/object, watch mostly cartoons, have severe tantrums and have the mindset of a child. That's what makes me more of a little. I finally managed to tell my boyfriend about all of this, but I haven't told him about the diaper thing. I want to take things slow until I can accept my DL side first.

So, how can I explain to him what means to be a little? I can't exactly say the things I mentioned above and expect him to know. He's never heard of a lot of these terms. He understands it some, and that it's not a fetish or anything. I just think he needs to make sense of it more than he does now.


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    Honestly, this could have made a good forum topic. I understand if you don't want the public focus, it just is pretty suitable. Still, I would love to share how I tell people even if there is just a slim possibility it will help.

    When I'm trying to explain to someone, I sort of explain to them that I want to talk to them about something.. and to sort of let me finish and hear me out completely before making any assumptions or judgements. Then I explain to them that for me, I don't feel comfortable identifying as an adult. I explain that I can carry on intelligent conversations, be reasonable and caring and emotionally mature if I need to be, but otherwise I don't feel comfortable with the label adult, the same way I don't feel comfortable with the identity of male. (As I'm a male-to-female transgender.)

    Then I just share a little bit of what this means to me and why. Tell them the things about being an adult I don't feel comfortable with.. and the things about being a child that does. The things I think are good about it, the things I'm passionate about, and even the things I don't feel are pretty but are just a part of who I am. Let them know how important this is to me, and how I love them and want them to really know me. To be close with who I really am. I wish there was a magic word, but in general I just like to explain that somewhere along the line felt that discarding the things that are important to me just because it was expected that I would "grow out of it" seemed just like lying to myself.

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