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Coloring Books

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I was recently thinking about how much I like coloring books and would like to get one soon, so I was browsing Amazon for ones I'd like to order. Did you know they made coloring books for adults? They do! I was searching for Judaism-related ones for kids and lo and behold there's a Jewish coloring book made especially for adults. You can bet I'll be getting it when my finances allow a splurge.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon my coloring fix when my nephew demanded Aunt Katie color with him. Heh, sometimes it's good to be an aunt.

I had to do some major adult things today like file my taxes and deal wit the stress of my step-dad getting injured at his job -- it's going to be a bit until he gets his first worker's comp check, so for now we're kind of messed up, finances-wise. Long-term, it's not a major issue, but short-term, it's kind of a bother. My anxiety is in high gear.

So thank goodness it's Friday. I think I'll go grab one of my nephew's coloring books, pad up, and have some AB time. Coping mechanisms are awesome.

Happy padding, everyone. May your weekend be awesome.

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