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Still loving every minute

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Just got back from a work trip, all the usual crazy stuff like 22 hour days, long drives etc. But there's been a lot of leisure packed in over the last few days too, e.g. meals with friends & shopping trips. The pressure is on and I'm pleased to say that I haven't once been tempted to go without my nappy or use a toilet. Indeed I was very pleased to have had the use of the nappies when I was on the road and where the toilets were truly horrible. It's certainly harder work than when I did 24/7 experiments in the past, they were under less demanding conditions so I could devote more time to getting things right in the nappy department. At present, the nappies simply have to do their job flawlessly. So far, so good...

Sticking with Tena by day, Lille by night. Except for a stupid experiment where I put on some cloth-style nonsense and had a leak as well as being uncomfortable. I might write about that separately but for now suffice it to say that I had to abandon the test and go back to a proper, waterproof, non-sagging plastic-backed nappy! Other than that, no leaks at all. Was close to leaking in the hotel bed though, due to forgetting to put in extra boosters at bedtime having had a few beers. In the morning I had to get up quickly when my wake-up flood started forming a pool in the nappy and threatening to leak around my waist. Changing is getting into a routine, need to work more on my single-use change kits that contain everything needed to do a cleanup and change, they are handy but contents need re-thinking.

What is still a learning curve is dealing with BMs during the day. I'm still keen to do everything in my nappy but the timing has to be lucky if I want to be able to just squat and mess when I feel full. A few days it worked out, e.g. Sunday I had lunch with friends, after we split I walked back to the office and by the time I got there a BM was comfortably underway. The place was deserted as usual so there was no chance of encountering anyone, I let things happen naturally and changed when I had finished about 10 mins later. OTOH Monday I could not make use of the nappy when the urge hit, as I was stuck in front of a computer with other people for the next few hours. My new diet (which aims to take off the many extra pounds added over the holiday season) seems to be reducing the number of dirty nappies per day from 2-3 to 1-2. Hopefully they will stay regular.

In summary, it's what I wanted it to be. Comforting, convenient at times and an endless source of interesting experiences. I'm confident enough of continuing 24/7 that I now need to do that exciting but expensive online ordering thing to re-stock the closet. More nappies = happier little girl!

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