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Here I am. Read if you want to share this side of you with a significant other. (Success tale)

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I want to stay active in this community , so I'd like to start off by talking a little bit about myself. Maybe this is more of an expanded introduction, or an expanded profile. Whatever, it is what it is. I've mentioned before that I consider myself somewhat of an amateur researcher when it comes to fetishes/paraphilia because to be blunt I find them rather fascinating. I also have useful insight, experience, and decent philosophies on life in general.
The reason I bring all that up is because a ton of folks have difficulty with accepting this part of themselves, and have a paralyzing fear that others will find out about it.
My story:
When I was 22 I began dating a woman I had known for around 10-11 years. We had simply been internet friends. I knew she'd had an interest in me for a long time, but in my younger days I dreamed o pursuing a military career and didn't imagine I would have time for a relationship, and for all intents and purposes considered myself asexual. By the time I was 22 I'd already been in for a year, and when she resurfaced through some random face book message I knew I was in trouble. (I wasn't really asexual, but a closet/in-denial heterosexual. Who the hell has heard of that?). Long story short, I gave the whole dating thing a shot. 2 years later we were engaged.
I'm not one that likes to lie or to keep secrets. So, shortly after our engagement I decided to come clean about my fetish. I don't like to wear diapers, personally, but I find it incredibly attractive when a woman wears them. There's a reason for that (at least a theory), but I'll get into that another day.
My biggest fear of this confession was that she would break off the engagement and leave me for someone else. It was a risk I decided to take because I didn't feel like spending the rest of my days trying to be something I wasn't. I'd already done it for 22 years of repressing my sexuality, I didn't want to spend my entire life a liar. Especially not to someone whom I cared so deeply for.
Her reaction: She actually laughed, and wasn't sure if I was serious. (I'm sure some of you are despairing right now. I expected this reaction so it didn't surprise or wound me in the least bit.) After a few minutes of (awkward) conversation we moved on. She didn't leave me, and a month later we would be married.
The first time I had her diapered:
Background info: My wife likes being submissive and is a genuinely open-minded individual. She gives me a lot of room to experiment in the bedroom... Onward.
The night before we were married we were fooling around. Kinky shenanigans, and general things you wouldn't share at 90% of dinner conversations.
I had happened to purchase a sampler of dry 24/7s (Before they became a thing rarer than unicorn blood run through a platinum filter that had been blessed alongside the holy hand grenade.) and fabines the week before. I have a tendency to be daring (yet cautious and respectful...I'll explain later..) in the bedroom.
She's bound and blindfolded and is thoroughly enjoying life. I mention to her a new "idea" I'd recently had. She didn't ask questions, she just said "Do it. I'm down for anything." To which I raised an eyebrow and asked her "Anything?"
She confirmed it with an "uh-huh".
What follows can only be described as hilarious, awesome, and something I personally consider an achievement.
The next thing that happened was that she was being diapered.
Her confusion was immense (Remember she's blind folded, and has NO idea wtf is going on)
Until she remembers a little conversation we'd had a few short weeks ago...
She literally started laughing out loud when it donned on her what was going on.
Now, USUALLY hysterical laughter is not a good thing during sex. I don't know all of what people are into, but for me, laughter during sex is NOT a good sign.
Afraid I'd lose the intimate moment, I acted quickly- Silencing the laughter with a kiss and utilizing a vibrating toy to make sure her more primal urges blocked out the "wtf" urges in her brain. It worked. I'd nearly lost the "moment" but I managed to regain it in a matter of seconds just by maintaining my composure.
Since I'd already had her in the throes of ecstasy, and then nearly lost it, and threw her back into the earlier throes, I decided I'd continue to be daring and dumped a cup of warm water down the front of her diaper to do a little experiment with temperature play. She wasn't too crazy about these antics, but it didn't ruin the mood- the biggest shock had already come and gone, so what was a little more weirdness?
We kept fooling around, with teasing her being my main method, and not letting her finish when she'd get close. After a time I deemed appropriate I finally allowed her to finish, and it was an intense finish.
She had an orgasm...In a diaper. This is something I hold over her head whenever she wants to try to give me a hard time about my kink.
After this, I'd have her diapered once a month. Gradually increased to twice a month, and then IF it sounded amusing to me once a week.
I realize that I am an extraordinarily fortunate individual to be blessed with such a wonderful woman.
She's not ab or dl. She doesn't like diapers, but she doesn't hate them. She deals with it because her husband is a little strange (and makes it worth her while.)
i mentioned earlier I'm daring, but respectful of boundaries. How did I learn this? After permanently establishing a safety word. We'd discussed them before, but never had a permanent one established.
After many instances of her saying "nooo, please...not thaaat", I would stop, and she would immediately ask: "Why did you stop???" I decided to eliminate possible confusion with a permanently sanctioned safety word. Confusion has never been an issue since.
Please feel free to ask me questions, PM me, whatever. I'm happy to help, and happy to talk.


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    Nice little slice of life there! I'm glad you found someone that is like minded
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    Aww- so romantic.
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    Sharing diaper play is one of the best things life has to offer. It's great to hear how well it worked out for you as a couple! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.