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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#53

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I apologize for again not writing a weblog entry in a while. I have been busy.

This evening I am feeling "frustrated", and I am not the only one here @ home with these feelings. My younger brother is feeling "frustration".


We have an issue with the mail not being delivered to 1/2 the houses here on our street, again for the 4th time in a month.

What the ____is wrong with the ____ing Mail Delivery Man?

This never happened years ago.

Why has mail delivery been sporadic on our street?

I need that damn ~ $9,000.00 settlement cheque from ALLSTATE Insurance Company, for the book value of my totaled handicapped-adapted pickup truck which I wrecked back on 12/1/2013 during bad weather when I hit black ice and ran off the road.

My brother also needs his damn "Obamacare Medical Insurance Identification Cards".


Right now, he is "running out of Insulin". He is a Diabetic and requires this medicine to live. He was told, that the Obamacare Medical Insurance ID Card for him was mailed to him 2 weeks ago. Where the ____is it?

Also, where the ____ is the damn "bill" for the COMCAST Corporation CATV/Internet, that I pay out of my pocket to help my younger brother out? Plus, "Where the ____ is my damn AMERICAN EXPRESS charge card 'bill'...?". I used it to pay what ALLSTATE did not cover as far as my having a temporary rental car for 3 weeks last month.

I myself and all my other neighbors on the "even" numbered side of the street are about pissed-off to go to the Salem, NH Town Postmaster and "slam his ____ing head into the concrete floor of the Post Office Mailroom".

Anyway, as an older autistic, who has to "pay my own bills", ect., I am about ready to have a ____ing screaming "temper tantrum meltdown".

For me as an Autistic, maintaining cognitive/emotional control is difficult.

Despite my having a calm physical exterior, I experience "extremes" in emotional states. Always have, and always will, even when I was a child decades ago.

Well, here it is after 9:30 PM in the evening, and I need to go down into the Den to shoot off a few of my NERF Toy Guns to "vent" some aggression, before I end-up engaging in Autistic self-hitting behavior.

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