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Choosing padding

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Another pleasant surprise that has just occurred to me, is that I haven't had any leaks for a very long time apart from one that was my fault; I didn't change before bed as my nappy hadn't been on very long, but that was irrelevant because it was already quite wet, so the wake-up flood leaked around the waistband. Although I will be trying cloth-feel versions on and off, the general routine is going to be plastic backed because I like them and they work:

Ultra-discreet daytime: Tena Slip super
Discreet daytime: Tena slip super with 1-2 Lille classic extra boosters
Max performance daytime: Tena Slip maxi with 2-3 Lille boosters
Bedtime: Lille Classic Extra with 3 Lille Boosters
When it's only on for a quick mess: Lille Classic Regular
For variety: Molicare Super Plus.

Why the Lille for bed? Well, apart from being half the price they have a wonderful plastic backing that is way, way bigger than the nappy core itself. It comes right up over my tummy button and halfway up my back, so when I need a change I can feel moisture starting to gather long before it turns into an actual leak. I've been using them at night for a while and find them more reassuring like that than the rather trimmer Tena Slips. For the subliminal sensation that I am safely tucked up in a nappy there is nothing better than the Lille Classic, although the Tena is a higher-performing product. OTOH the huge backing of the Lille is more difficult to conceal, OK for romping around at home but not so good at work.

Sometimes I want to put a dry nappy on to do a mess, then change again straight away. Absorbency is not important here because my bladder will probably be empty already, so I won't flood while I mess. The regular Lille choice is if anything even more plasticky than its Extra counterpart and will keep the mess in just fine for the few minutes I need it to.

The Molicare is expensive for its absorbency but it feels terrific. Thick and firm, it seems to have more cellulose pulp and less SAP. I always feel wetter in a Molicare than a Tena, which I enjoy, so I think its best application is for a bit of variety and fun rather than regular use. It is good enough to wear in place of either of the others.

Finally, as a fair percentage of nappies might get messy, I'll always be putting a flushable liner in them. They make the cleanup so much easier as the nappy comes away more or less clean, while the liner sticks to you so well that you can even walk around with it on there. You sit on the toilet and peel it off taking everything with it, have a wipe with moist toilet tissues and flush all the mess away. Well, unless it is so full it won't flush, like this morning's escapade. Liners vary in size, sometimes you need two to properly cover the messy area. The ones I have here at the moment aren't my favourite, I want the softest, thickest and above all largest option that is still flushable. Will have to shop around.

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