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Things I need to think about for 24/7

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So, um, lots of disposables. Really lots. I've done 24/7 before so I know how quickly they disappear. Disposables are a must for me, because I don't have a regular home routine to deal with washing & drying etc. I also much prefer the feel of them, cloth might be effective but it can't come close to a disposable for sheer enjoyment. Also, booster pads and liners.

Accessories - No longer have my previous changing bag, need to sort that out. Making do at the moment with a regular kit bag. I've got a basic level of requisites such as disposal bags, wipes, changing mats etc. This can be built up as conditions allow. I have to anticipate a much higher percentage of changes being made in grungy public toilets so need every possible aid to slick and hygienic changing.

Clothing - must increase stock level of nappy-compatible underwear. I normally use ladies' tummy control briefs which do a good job of holding up heavy wet ones and conceal them quite well around the waist. It would be good to find something similar with a wider crotch, and maybe waist elastic that is more resistant to turning inside out as they always seem to do. R&D required here. I like my waterproof pants but they are as much for play value as for additional safety. If the nappies are just right, there's less of a need for waterproofs which are a potential source of chafing and irritation. At least the traditional, stiff PVC ones that I used to enjoy, might be worth looking into some soft things with gentle, wide elastics.

Skin care - I have pretty robust skin, never had nappy rash in my (adult) life and don't go in for creams and powders generally but I want to take care of it as best I can. Regular changes & showers, careful nappy fitting to avoid chafing, spending time with nappy off (bed pads?)... all common sense but more important when 24/7.

Messing - I'll return to this in a later post, it will be an important strategic issue. I have some ideas but due to a diet change (basically not having had time to eat anything!) very little is coming out of the other end at the moment so I'm not really decided how to deal with it. I absolutely do not want anybody else in the world to smell my nappy, ever, other than a SO who is involved with my nappy routine; messy bottoms are also more prone to nappy rash, so there is a strong incentive to stay clean. But I adore messing, so that will be a challenge.

That's all for now, I need to start on some research...

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