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Going 24/7 - by accident!

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Wow, that was a surprise! I suddenly realised I hadn't used a toilet for nearly a week. I still have no plans to. Here's why...

A few months ago I stocked up on nappies as a kind of 'review' of the UK plastic-backed scene. At the moment I'm single again so I just stacked them up in the bedroom, which gave me a rather strong temptation to wear to bed. My work hours are long, stressful and very random so I need all the sleep I can get. Actually going to bed is something of a luxury and I sleep better in a nappy, so it made sense to start making use of the big stash of nappies by padding up every bedtime.

Then my schedule went crazy, I was on the road day and night, flying back and forth between jobs, it was just manic. I started to wear for convenience during the day, I also wear when working in remote locations or if I'm under pressure that makes it difficult to get to a toilet. So, day by day, every time I had to decide whether to pad up, the answer was yes.

Suddenly I realised that having not used the toilet at all for many days, lots of amazing things were happening. The future looks very bright so I have decided to officially go padded 24/7 for now. No idea how long it will last, most probably a work scenario will occur where it is better not to be in a nappy, could be days, weeks or months away. There are still a couple of questions to resolve, mostly about going #2, which I'll address presently.

I need to stock up again, this time I am looking at dozens of cases rather than dozens of packs. It's easier for me to take delivery of a large quantity at one time than regular smaller shipments. I can't wait to see my spare room piled high with cases of nappies! I'll use this as a proving ground for cloth-backed too, which I didn't like when I tried before but need to keep as many options open as possible.

I'm tempted to start a blog about the trials and tribulations of wearing full-time. But having posted this here, I feel I am now officially toilet-free!

PS: I've posted on ADISC before under a different username. That has become too widely known elsewhere, so for confidentiality Moo has changed it for me on here. (Thanks Moo!)

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