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A little bit of a binge.

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So last night was my first day back at school. It was a little nerve racking. I have this thing about meeting new teachers that puts me on edge a little bit. Due mostly because I don't really know if I'll like them. So after I got out of class at about ten at night I felt a little over-whelmed about my teachers expectations, so to calm myself down a little I figured I'd regress a little to take the edge off. So I went to the store to get some more diapers and I saw these pads. I decided to get them for some extra protection then just for fun I took a stroll down the baby aisle because in my experience you see something you like every time you do. As soon as stepped into the nursing aisle the first thing that stood out were the pacifier clips, an item I've been meaning to add to my growing collection. Continuing down the aisle I came across the toys. After debating which I would enjoy the most I ended up going with a butterfly teether, a rattler, and a baby blue blankie with a monkey on it. At this point I've already got way more than the one pack of diapers I had came in for so I decided to go along with the binge and headed to the woman's clothing department. I found the biggest footed sleeper they had and threw it into my cart. All in all it came out to about forty dollars. While I wasn't to excited about spending that much I was beaming with joy at the thought playing with the toys and new blankie I had gotten. So when I get home at about eleven I diapered up, put on my new pjs and tried out my new paci clip. I. Loved. It. I can't believe I've gone this long without one. Looking at myself in the mirror I just couldn't get over how babyish it makes me look. Plus I'll never have to worry about loosing my binky ever again. The real highlight though was definitely the teether and the rattle. I had never used a teether before that day, but now I can't imagine a regression session without one. That and the rattle I think really get me in the mindset of a baby. I kept myself busy playing with those for a good three hours before I drifted off to sleep sucking my paci covered up in my new blankie. I decided to blog this incident because like I mentioned I actually felt like I had the mind of a baby last night as oppose to just playing dress up. I found myself looking about wide eyed across my room and I don't think my Paci left my mouth for more than a couple of seconds. The inner baby in me came out more than ever that night and now that's he's gone for now I'm sitting here waiting for him to find me again.

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