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Tomorrow's gonna be a big day!

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It's my first time really seeing my boyfriend, out, in the…padding. I like when he says the D word but I hate saying it myself. it makes it sound fetishy, for me, and it makes me uncomfortable.

anyway, i'm going to get new glasses with him and my mom, and then he's taking me to the mall, to a bunch of different stores, to spend some christmas money/gift cards.

He won't tell me about the rest of the day though! He just says he has a whole day planned.

I think i'm gonna wear two goodnites under my jeans. I don't want to leak and I don't know when I'll be able to change :/ It will definitely be more obvious though but i checked in my webcam and it seems to look okay and no one would notice really I think. I'll ask him immediately though.

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