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Ah, irony

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So it's Friday and I was totally excited about doing SIDF tonight for the first time, and then...

I live in West Virginia and you might've heard (not sure if national news is covering it) that we had a chemical leak here and so nine counties are unable to use their tap water for drinking, washing, or bathing. (This has also lead to a water shortage. My family is fine for now, having been able to secure several cases of water today, but they don't know how long this will last, so for now we're on rations.) It's bad enough that the governor declared a state of emergency and the president has authorized FEMA to come in with assistance.

I decided to forego the padding tonight, since I'd like to take a shower after sleeping in diapers (not to mention that not having drank much all day, I doubt I'd be able to use them the way I'd want to), and that was a let down, but then (and here's where the bitter irony comes in) my mom handed me a package of baby wipes. You can imagine my surprise at just being handed baby wipes, but she explained that they were for hand washing/mini-baths until the water is safe to use again.

So now I have an entire package of baby wipes and no diaper change during which to use them.

Ha. Nice one, universe. Now tell me another.


  1. Maxx's Avatar

    Not laughing at your serious predicament, of course, but the layers and layers of irony are priceless.
  2. TraumaChick's Avatar
    Lololol dannnng thats terrible! I feel kind of bad about the entry im getting ready to do now... errr, I'll think of you?? XD no seriously though, hope you guys are doing okay despite the water thing. Thats terrible
  3. Capybyra's Avatar
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