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So...I am well aware (As is pretty much any other Canadian) that Canada Post really drops the ball when it comes to being dependable on a) delivering on time and b) delivering as noted on the shipping labels. I am currently waiting on a case of Abena M4's that I ordered and I swear its like something is purposely trying to screw with me.

Ill admit, they were ordered over the holidays which puts a wrench in the gears, however the delivery date was listed on the tracking as yesterday. Chalk up nasty weather and power outages, it got delayed until today. So here we are, two hours before they stop delivering for the day and it still says it was processed at my city's main post office Sunday evening. Seriously? There was mail yesterday and today, but you think what I am waiting on shows up? Nah.

Two days to process?! If they allowed it I could drive there and pick the package up myself before they seem to want to deliver it!

As I said, waiting sucks.

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