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Let's try something!

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I see all the posts warning people off from using Milk of Magnesia, Laxatives, Suppositories, etc -- so instead of focus on forcing something to 'happen' -- I'm gonna make the experience more enjoyable!

I have my footed pjs (now both Sockmonkey and Batman with my little cape! LOVE it!) and my favorite kind of wipes, I also have some of the best pullups I have access to. There's something about the color white which makes things more babyish (helped by the fact that they're more absorbent than the other kinds I've tried from Walgreens)...which shouldn't change my view of them -- as I consider myself more DL than AB. But ah well! I'm probably pretty heavily AB considering my love of all of 'this' andthe smell and feel of my baby powder and such.

I saw this post about coloring the inside of your diapers with food coloring mixed in with water in a spray bottle -- then allowing them to dry. Well, even if I end up with blue pubes for a while (they swore that so long as you let them dry first, there isn't any threat of staining 'stuff') -- no one else looks down there but me, and I'm curious enough to give it a try. Plus, I usually clean up with a shower, so I'll know pretty soon after. I've already sprayed just one of my Tena pullups -- I almost wondered if I could slap a few inches of cute tape on them just to give it the feeling of being a regular diaper, but they'll dry for an hour or two and then I'll use them.

I'm sad, but I tossed all of my pacis and bottle and extra baby food and kid utensils. I guess I was going through one of those purging phases where I got kind of...not disgusted -- but I thought I'd never want to try this again and that it wouldn't bother me to get rid of them. Luckily I got most of them in the dollar aisle at Target, so it wasn't much of a drain on my wallet -- I may go back and get myself one new paci later.

Trying to see what else I can do to set the 'mood' -- might play some nursery or music box music, drink some tea, and then leisurely finish dinner and head back into my room to enjoy myself.

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