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LadyCave to myself for a week! :O :(

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Whelp... it's that time again. The wife has gone on vacation for a week back to her hometown to see our nephews and family. *flings self off cliff* lol, not really but dang, I sure do miss her when she's not around. Gaw. I have the puppies and the kitty to look after me so it won't be too terrible. I also have a buttload (diaper load? lolz) of house related things to knock out. Deep cleaning every room, getting rid of junk and unwanted clothing, as well as mayyyyyyybe finishing the remodel on another room.

Originally, I'd wanted to build the platform bed I've been promising her for the better part of a year now, but the finances aren't there. I think once the tax refund comes in down the road, I'll be able to knock it out. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	050808-diybed01.jpg 
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ID:	19665 This is what I'm angling for, but... I kind of want to use pallets and toss some LED lighting into it to make it glow at night. Either way, I'd still have to pony up for the top sheet(s) of plywood, paint and the LED lights. So... it's a project on hold.

Also... for anyone else with participating spouses / significant other's - is it less fun for you guys to diaper up / go little when your spouse or s/o is away? :/ I have an order of diapers coming but... I feel like they're not even going to get opened until she comes home. *sigh*


  1. LittleHanah's Avatar
    I definitely understand that feeling of missing someone. Its so difficult! I would say, missing someone is probably the most anxiety, frustration , and anger inducing emotion ever!. I hate it. hate it , hate it , hate it. Its like when I send a nice message to someone I care about and have to wait and wait for their reply, drives me nutso! Good that you keep yourself busy! cleaning is fun (no I'm not kidding, it is!)

    Hope you're able to build all that! I don't have a partner or spouse but I like going little when no one is home :3 because I can crawl around the house teehee. :3
  2. TraumaChick's Avatar
    Right! I hate missing her, ugh... it didn't help that this ridiculous blizzard crap blew through right in front of where they were driving, so of course they were stuck for an entire day on icy roads. I nearly chewed my lip off with worry. I did go all little the first night because I was just so wound up with anxiety, I needed to calm down.

    I haven't even started on my projects lol, I've been too amped up waiting for them to safely arrive. Hopefully tonight I'll get to start

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