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Christian AB/DL

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As if there was such a thing. Who are we? Lets stop being afraid of insulting people in this kind of group we are in on the internet. I noticed the thread about Duck Dynasty and my stance is this; in order keep a Christ like attitude it is important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for those of you who do not believe in what we do please keep in mind that I have said nothing other than words that I in my heart prey that you would understand. I am very passionate to those who have a heart to looks past the judgmental Christians to open up and learn who I am instead of who I am associated with. I really could not thank you enough for making me feel welcomed on a forum like this.

Christianity is to those who don't understand just that. People don't understand but since when has anyone understood those who are labeled AB/DL? I have no desire to attack my own kind just because you believe differently and I think others who are Christian that regress to love instead of giving the others reason to believe that we hate them. We are in fact followers of Jesus; friend of sinners. I know I am a failure and a sinner but I put a stand to be an example of a Christian who is a follower. I would never regress for any reason other than to have a moment to let myself have peace with my little side.

I am regressing a little right now and listening to praise and worship music. I have stuff to get done but I am letting myself regress while I do. I am taking a moment to tell you all right now that just because people label us AB/DL does not mean we are the same as all the others who are AB/DL. We all enjoy what we do for different reasons. Remember that when you feel dirty or uncomfortable with being who you are. For those of you who live your faith as a Christian remember you are Fearfully and wonderfully made. What God meant for you to understand is not for anyone but you. That is why people don't understand. Praise God because we are his children and I can't praise God enough for all of you who consider me your friend. Even if you don't understand I prey that you will get the chance to at least have a glimpse of who God is because he is calling.


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    If you have not yet joined them, there is a very active and large Christian AB/DL group here you may find useful:
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    Sounds like maybe some people have said negative comments about being AB, trust me its understood. We all are AB for our own reasons, and thankfully enough, we have this wonderful website to tie us all together. Unity has its pros and cons. I'm happy you're here! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.