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My Personal Philosophy.

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I'm not liked by many on this forum and thats fine. I've made it clear that in general I don't like people. I would never wish anyone harm and I do obey all laws however I made it clear I'm not here to make friends and I speak my mind with no care on who I offend. I've been called fake because I didn't introduce myself just jumped in told people what I thought and boom I was judged and thats fine by me. I told people I am not an ABDL and was only a supporter of the lifestyle that wears diapers because I believe they are a cleaner alternative to reusing washed underwear. Some of the responses to that made me laugh. I'm OCD people said with a phobia and thats not the case at all. Like everyone else I wear for my own reason. I'm also asexual with no interest in romance, marriage, or having children.

I don't watch news, I'm not interested in politics, and want to move to England one day because I'm not happy where I was born but I'm doing it right with a passport, visa, then citizenship one day hopefully. Do I care that any of that offends anyone? No and generally I laugh when it does offend someone thats to everyone not just to those here. I'm more comfortable reading books, socialize only with my family and have even alienated some in my family for my opinions and again don't care. I've told off my elders before as well as landlords not caring if I don't have a roof. My point to all this is although people don't like things about me at least I'm honest and don't say I'm one way but act the other. I suggest you do the same and be honest with these people also. I've even been asked do you want to die alone at a ripe old age? I said yes. I will never conform to another persons expectations of me. My opinion is all that matters and I am happy how I live and people know that and that is what makes me highly disliked but honest.

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